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Speak with an elder care advisor to begin your fulfillment of knowledge about assisted living and independent living in Aurora Colorado. Giving you more than you thought you needed.
We give you the basics, fill you in on the do's and do not's. Placement begins with the initial contact as our pre-assessment starts immediately. Save time, getting to the point.
A care need profile is created. Care options are presented after thorough consideration. Aurora facilities that fit need and budget are referred. Tours, selection finalized.
Aurora Assisted Living Aurora Assisted Living Aurora Assisted Living

Aurora Assisted Living

Aurora Assisted Living

Aurora Assisted Living

Aurora Assisted Living

Aurora Assisted Living

Aurora Assisted Living

Aurora Assisted Living

Depending on the type of senior housing one chooses, optional community services may include:

  • Communal Meals
  • Housekeeping
  • Laundry
  • Local transportation
  • Exercise areas
  • Arranging for personal or medical care
  • Libraries
  • Beauty shops
  • Gardens

Activities can include:

  • Recreational, educational, and social events
  • Activity rooms or clubhouses
  • Golf courses
  • Tennis and shuffleboard courts
  • Health and exercise programs, classes
  • Chapels and religious services

Ask Any Question About Aurora Assisted Living, Aurora
Independent Senior Living Facilities:
  • Effective Placement
  • Emergency situations
  • Unknown circumstances
  • Solution oriented
  • Thorough evaluations
  • Full & pre assessments
  • Online, in person referral
  • Extra ears, eyes, and hands
  • Admissions coordination
  • Family representation
  • Memory care advisory
  • Family advocacy
  • Transition support
  • Facility referral
  • All services, free of charge

Whether you know much about assisted living and independent living or not, you should reach out to us and let us give you the inside scoop. There are multiple components to getting the right care, in the right setting, for a loved one. Those with knowledge of each facility is in the best position to help your family. Moving to a care home is generally driven by personal safety concerns (falls, cooking, medications), depression (from isolation), physical limitations or physical disability. It may be that the person that needs care needs short - term assistance or long term care.

Assisted living is designed for the aging among us who can not live own their own. They are no longer truly independent, they can not take care of themselves all alone. Be confident that the steps toward assisted living the right thing, you are making the right decision in getting help for a loved one. Assisted living may not be right for you if you need medical supervision by a nurse 24/7 or have a complex health issue. An Aurora skilled nursing facility may be what is needed. There are other considerations before moving into an assisted living residence or nursing home. Select a licensed facility that has a proven track record.

In Aurora, every type of living option is available to the elderly. Maybe you just need independent living with a full kitchen and maybe some laundry to get done. If you are needing help in the shower or managing medications daily maybe assisted living in the options. After an accident, you go from the hospital to a skilled nursing or rehab facility while you recover. In some cases, a skilled nursing facility gives the family little to no warning of discharge. Once you are ready to be discharged from skilled nursing / rehabilitation, you will either go home and receive in-home care, choose independent living or move into an assisted living facility in Aurora.

A Placement Advisor works directly with the family to provide knowledge and a needs assessment for the closest assisted living match. Assisted Living is a group living situation where elderly seniors can live in proximity to their peers and partake in a wide range of activities and services.  Assisted Living ranges from single-family homes in a senior community to large group living facilities. Types of Assisted Living Residences, it’s time to conduct a thorough inventory of the senior’s wants, needs and goals.  A Placement Advisor is great at helping you decide which you are seeking.

Need evaluation:

  • Find a professional with the key information...experts in senior issues, senior housing, assisted living, independent living, skilled nursing, home care, private care, veterans benefits, Medicaid and much more. Knowledgeable advisors help indentify goals and seek the best solution for you - all for free. They can make contact with social workers, case managers, care practitioners, facilities and family members. We aim to find you the best facility within your budget.
  • Medically related...if there is a chronic illness that needs medical equipment monitoring, tests, 24/7 care, then skilled nursing is most likely what the person needs. Assisted living generally does not have a nurse onsite to take care of someone 24/7. Independent living has many limitations on any assistance the facility can provide.
  • Legal the person being admitted acting on their own behalf. Is a family member making all the decisions. Whoever is making the decisions needs to be of sound mind, have a witness or produce the proper paperwork to finalize a move.
  • Short-term v.s. long-term care...short term care usually entails hospitals and rehabilitation centers. Sometimes a primary caregiver, usually a family member, needs time off and a caregiver to step-in. Respite is a form of short term stays. Assisted living is considered long term care. A nursing home is considered long term care. Contracts for most assisted living facilities in Aurora, only require a 30 day notice before moving.
  • Is there independence...can your loved one live alone? Will they end up falling or not eating right if they are left alone. When the part time caregiver leaves are they safe? Enough social activities to keep them from getting depressed?
  • Worried about privacy...letting someone help you and prevent you from hurting yourself, forgetting what you were supposed to remember, and getting about may be a little to give up to have a loving and caring person give you a helping hand. Regular trips to the hospital is no fun.
  • Level of transferring from wheelchair to bed, help eating, can't remember to take medications, wandering around? All of these fit assisted living facilities.
  • Affordability...get informed about the costs and financial aspects of paying for care. What is affordable and what is not. All care is expensive compared to total independence. Starting at $2,150, we have the places that fit your loved one's care needs.
  • Take some tours...once you receive recommendations for facilities in Aurora you will be able to finalize all the paperwork, get your loved one moved in and settled in the best possible option available.

Aurora Care Facility Referral at Aurora Assisted Living

At Aurora Assisted Living, we do much more than a conventional assisted living provider will ever do for you. We tell you everything about them and all the general assisted living information that is not specific to any particular facility. A facility is going to simply sell themselves to you. We are here to cut through all the distractions and disappointments from individual facilities. An Aurora care facility should really step up for tours and assessments until a decision has been made by the family. Sometimes facilities give families partial information and may be misleading in the way some information may be presented without doing a full assessment of specific need. We evaluate each individual person and assess their financial situation both short and long term. We find out what a person's likes and dislikes are, whether a residential home is the best option or whether a traditional facility is the best option. What level of care is going to be need and who can provide that care at the right price and in the right setting. Delegate one family member to help narrow down facility selections. Provide the most accurate information to us as possible. Get to know the key ways to use industry words and phrases so a facility knows what you truly mean. You have found a voice for in assisted living.

What are your expectations for assisted living in Aurora?

Not an acutal residence

Even basic assisted living care may not be affordable. Most likely home care may be an option for some. Having just enough space, having quality space, good care with the opportunity to be happy are the most important things. Peace and privacy. Each home has it's own atmosphere.

Some of the amenities and services you’ll enjoy are designed
for home-like comfort and security. Happiness is the key to success.

  • Dignity
  • Pride
  • Trust
  • Goodness
  • Respect
  • Lovingness
  • Fulfilment
  • Stability
  • Courage
  • Commitment
  • Sincerity
  • Happiness
  • Faith
  • Integrity
  • Freedom
  • Thoughtfulness
  • Openness
  • Competence
  • Honor
  • Sensitivity
  • Acceptance
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